What we can do for you Hygiene Therapies remove unsightly stains and help maintain healthy gums and teeth. Teeth Whitening can completely change your smile and improve your confidence. Our ultra safe home care technique, under our supervision, is the most affordable and cost effective method to keep a bright smille. Crowns & Bridges are porcelain or precious metal coverings which restore and protect badly broken down teeth. Bridges are a combination of joined crowns to replace missing teeth. By filling gaps and restoring teeth, facial tone, aesthetics and good function are maintained.
Implants are used to replace missing teeth in a way which is totally independent of the adjacent teeth. Normally one implant is required per missing tooth. Implants are made from a bio-compatible material called Titanium, which become integrated within the bone. These are then used to support the missing teeth. Aesthetic FillingsThere are a whole range of materials to produce really natural effects. Although the techniques are more time consuming than conventional silver fillings, the results of blending the fillings with natural tooth are hard to distinguish and worth the extra effort. Root Canal
This is a complex technique that allows us to save dead or severly inflamed teeth. It replaces the disceased or necrotic pulp inside the tooth, with a sterile fillings eliminatiing pain and abscesses. The tooth can subsequently be restored and brought back into aesthetic function.
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